Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Dissect a Frog by Joey Ramone (Airedale)

It's easy, really. In fact, I didn't even set out to dissect this frog. Hard to believe but seeing, or scenting, is believing. But I digress. There I was having a fine time with this green frog and before I knew what had happened there I was passing Biology 101 with flying colors (mostly green, some purple). Now I realize that there's a little piece of stuffing coming out the head, but hell, for a first and unintential effort--NOT BAD!!! Quite good I'd say and I do.

On another note I'm still trying to get my own email from Google. Can't seem to get the wiggly letters right. And the other problem is that Frankie-dog who keeps unseating me from the computer chair. Now for the hard bit. I've got to get that picture of the frog-in-pieces into the post. I am learning, indeed I am.

Your good friend,

Joey Ramone (Airedale)