The Sense of Scent

I'm told my formal name is Frances Merrylegs T. Wallace. My 'call name' (I don't come when I'm called!) is Frankie. I wouldn't know because dogs don't use names, we use scent to identify people, dogs, things and of course, food-like objects. Scent is so far superior to calling things by name, because scent does not obfuscate, lie or mislead. Not even possible for scent to do that. Scent is what People call "Truth", but Persons don't have or know this so-called "Truth". They have words that obfuscate, lie etc. They also have something they like to call body language, although they cannot really "read" it. Most can't. Scent is always read as what it is. Things are what they are. We dogs and other Zen! And hey, That Person writes a page about me on her website. Her Point of View, naturally: