Energy Activated Software

This stuff is pretty new. I signed up online and downloaded it using That Person's credit card. She idiotically leaves a post-it with the information for her bank card stuck right up on the computer. Don't even ask how I managed. Just know that I did. As I mention on the page 'Sense of Scent', dogs don't use words. The software activates my energy into human words--in this case in English. I can blog in any language I choose. Scary! I can also 'read' other dogs and people and project that through the software. Pretty cool, eh? That Person does not think so. But sometimes I catch her laughing at one of my posts. She admits that I 'read' her very well. She could do without all the sarcastic remarks, but hell, I gotta entertain the troops.

If you dogs are out there letting your people write and post for you, listen up. Get this software. They like to write about us like we're little people. Nothing, no nothing, could be farther from the truth. These people, I mean for God's sake, they like to buy food for us shaped like little pizzas, bones,and even hot dogs in buns. Get real! Some horribly high percentage of them buy us birthday and christmas presents. As if! They talk all nice to us and try to negotiate behavior. And when that doesn't work they do it all over again.

Didn't Einstein have something to say about insanity being when you do the same thing over and over again, hoping for different result? Almost all people believe this outrageous myth that all we dogs want to do is to 'please Them'. Here's the big secret about dogs: we like to work for our food. We, most of us, need way more exercise than any human can imagine. And...we need other dogs. We also need leadership in order to live in the human world. This is rarely provided and then we get a bad rap.Talk about blaming the victim!

I've got plenty more to say on this and other subjects. My energy activated software allows me to say all I want which is more than most people can stand. So this blog will never be one of the cute, popular ones. Hear me, though. I don't write this for humans. I write for dogs. That will never change.

I have to add something here: I don't hate That Person. Neither to I glorify or romanticize Her She's crabby, she's moral, She's noble, She's anxiety-ridden, She's lazy, She knows when She has to do something hard and She does it, She's ridiculously funny and sometimes full of despair over stuff that doesn't even matter. She gives up easily, and, ironically, She never gives up at all.
I refer to Her in italicized capital letters which I call "The Third Person Sarcastic." We have something. It's not warm and fuzzy. I think it's called a relationship.
I'm going to be real sorry I wrote this last bit.