Monday, April 26, 2010

When A Dog is Betrayed

On my Frankie T Wallace Profile Page, I wrote, quite masterfully, I thought, of the role of scent in a dog's life vs the use of words by Those People. However, once in a while a mysterious situation arises. It is that kind of situation that I wish to address here. In the picture, upper left, you will see a picture of a perfectly fine looking beagle. Fine looking I say, not fine smelling, nay, not smelling at all. And soundless to boot. All in all a seemingly fine figure of a beagle. Perhaps too fine a figure, for it would come to pass that this is, verily naught but a figure of a beagle.  And to that I say: "go figure!" I came upon this fellow, or rather, this object quite by chance upon the bed of That Person yesterday afternoon. I at once commenced upon barking and carvorting about in my usual way. That Person held up said beagle in such a way as to allow me to get a good scent in the hind quarters. I was stunned. There was no scent at all where all those ripe glands would  normally reside to tell me all I needed to know about this "beagle". But Let me say for the sake of precision in reporting that there wasn't exactly no scent at all, but rather something worse-- a synthetic scent, some man-made concotion.--and where there should have been flesh there was merely cloth. Of course this did not quiet me down for a moment. My frantic barking transmogrified from perfectly normal dog-in-the-area alert noises into weird-thing-in the area notifications. Suddenly the phantom doggish thing was whipped out of my sight and not seen again. I did manage to get a quick snapshot of the offender on That Person's cell phone.

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  1. Let me be the first to welcome the arrival of philosophically sophisticated canine insights to cyberspace.