Monday, July 11, 2011

I Ate An Entire Tibetan Rug

Not all in one sitting, mind you, but in it's entirety just the same. Lip-smacking good, you know it! I'm putting up a picture of this sort-of-Airedale thing that's at our house. Seems like he's been here for a while now, and shouldn't he be leaving soon? That Person says his name is Joey Ramone. She also calls him Little Joey Man or Happy Joe. Will you just look at the size of those paws? Do I have something to be worried about, I ask you? That Person says he has a laid-back temperament. A laid-off temperament, I call it. He likes to be held ( A sure sign of weakness in a dog) and he comes when she calls him. Oh, really! He also pees and poops on the kitchen floor. She forgot to mention that! What could I do? I had to develop a special little tattle tale bark so as to point out all his misdeeds, and there are plenty of those, I assure you.(can you post sound on this blog? I know you all want to hear the new bark)

There's a butt-load of catching up to do here. Like--did you know I can catch a frisbee in the air? Have you heard that I was the star of my dog training class? I like to out-perform the other dogs because it makes That Person seethe, She, knowing how truly terrible I can be.

I saw my main man, Yaron! Twice! At the new dog park, Yaron was not very happy with me at one point. Can't quite remember what happened there. But of course that Joey-man was a perfect doll and all that, yak yak yak.

Well, for all of you who were hoping I was dead or something, I'm not. I couldn't get into the energy-activated software on the computer due to some re-arrangements in the house. Got it all figured out now so head for the hills (I wish I could) I am back.

Frankie T Wallace, the Airedale Criminal

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