Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artwork by Frankie T Wallace

Betcha didn't know I was an artist. It's kinds of like cave art, or, well, something so modern that it hasn't been named by people yet. I just call it art. My tools? My fine teeth and my aesthetic sense. 
 Now this first picture is an example of my work in the fiber arts. Notice the scalloping around the edges of the rug near the back door sliders. The beauty is in the inexact edges. I am so proud of this. I created this piece while barricaded in the kitchen while That Person had to go back to bed this morning because of her neurological issues acting up last night and Her not getting enough sleep by half and how She had to make Herself stay in bed last night, but decided to read up on some idea in Photoshop about optimizing graphics for the web. What a crock!

This other piece is how I decided to view my brand new tiger toy, how to exceptionalize it into a statement all about our modern world combined with traditional Buddhist concepts about the impermanence of all things. That Person just stood there look down at it since She had just given it to me today. I might add that She gave it to me to shut me up for a while, which it did. Artists work alone and in silence. Gotta run, I think it's MoMA calling on the cell.

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