Thursday, September 30, 2010

Serious the Great Dog

I read about this on Rita the Dog's blog. I a may have it a bit wrong. Certainly no one ever called me 'serious'. Oh, what's that? Sirius the Great Dog? Well, we take what we can get. Rita the Dog has some incredible drawings and paintings. Not like That Person who hardly does anything these days in that department. Oh and it's all sorts of reasons why not. If it's not the frickin' job it's the guitar lessons. You don't want to ever hear her playing "Me and Bobby McGee" She actually calls people on the phone and plays the guitar and sings into the microphone to them. Hundreds of people have left town this week. I am in such pain.

I also found another dog blog: This Bogart, Handsome Devil--another Airedale. And then there's Rita's site: You must get to know Rita, even though she hasn't posted of late. The artwork is atounding! I think Rita and I could get to be friends. and Bogart, well! That Person had me 'fixed' so there won't be a whole lot of action there, but still....

That Person is going off the rails, siriusly. Her neurologist is sick and if she can't get her meds she'll just die, simply die. And what will my life be like then? Doesn't anyone want to call Airedale Rescue?

Yaron came around a few day ago to take me to the dog park. He really understands me, not like That Person.When I went for the small dog in the car he really put me in my place. Calmly. Not like That Person who gets all upset about things. Oh holy crap! I pooped on the street today and That Person had no bags. Not that the bags would have helped She had to clean it all up with Kleenex.

What fresh horror will tomorrow bring? No matter, we dogs live only in the moment.

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