Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Space Ship Lands in Hampshire Street Backyard with Aliens on Board

Was I frightened? Out of my considerable wits! Now you know I'm not one to own up to my frailties, but this one threw me for nine loops to Sunday, or something. You see the pictures. Can you honestly say that this is not everybody's worst nightmare? Sure, in the movies you usually see the thing hovering in the night sky, lights flashing, as it slowly, slowly lowers itself down into the center of some cornfield in Nebraska. But this, alas, was no sci-fi movie. This was the real deal. At least I thought so. And in case you're thinking I'm one of those who believes they've been abducted by aliens etc etc, think again. (That Person read a book about it and it turns out those people may not be crazy after all and that it, the abduction, didn't really happen either. Some kind of neurological disturbance. Cool!)

But back to my story. There we were, out for a bit of relief in the yard when suddenly..BAM! Up zooms (well, okay, it was just sitting there) this hideous once-flying machine now 'living the life' right on the spot where I squat. I mean with air slits or maybe they're escape hatches. Chains hanging off the thing. Handles even for ease of opening the hatches and taking young Airedales back to Planet Freakout. Like a bucking Bronco I was. Came close to bringing That Person down on the ground (not all that hard to do, actually). Let me just say that it took four trips to the yard and absolutely hours for That Person to get me to do my late night business.

My next post will deal with the following morning and afternoon, where you will learn that That Person has no mercy, not even one mercy or one half of one.

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