Saturday, September 25, 2010

That Person Says I Wear Too Much Eye Make-up

It's always something with Her. You know the kind. Well, honestly, I don't even think I'm wearing eye make-up at all, unless it was She who put it on me, and I wouldn't put it past Her!

I am a magnificent creature who needs no artificial enhancements. I have many admirers at the Dog Park. Take, for example, that little fellow, Finnegan, who came in today. He made a bee-line for me. That Person liked him, and his name. She started singing in Her head about some Tim Finnegan who carried a hod and fell to his death. Something about a Biddy McGee and whirl your whiskey around like blazes and on and on. Honestly, I think the inside of That Person's head is like a rotten cantaloupe. I know because we had one of those in the kitchen and every fruit fly in Massachusetts....oh it was not good!
Frankie T Wallace, the Airedale Criminal (Merrylegs)

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